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Gambia - The Travel Outfit

By the time you're reading this I will be in The Gambia! I thought I'd share what I wore yesterday (feels weird saying that!)....

Blanket scarf, here. These are a travel essential for me, they're so versatile! Often I will use them as blankets, scrunch them up to make a pillow or just wear them round my neck or me. This is so useful when there's a big climate change, especially when that temperature switch includes freezing planes!

These trousers, here, are almost like PJ bottoms. They are so comfortable and therefore fab for long flights (ok so the flight isn't long but we ARE starting our journey at 3 AM so comfy is good!)

T Shirt, here, oversized, comfy and not white so won't be stained by food I am trying to tiredly eat!

Hoodie, Abercrombie and Fitch (old), which is super cozy....hello naps!

Converse, here, I'm taking these as I might be running around with the kids when I'm out there and they're pretty heavy so I don't want to carry them. Also f…

Gambia - The Clothes

I don't know how useful/interesting you will find this but as I struggled to find any advice on clothing to take for a trip like this (teaching in a primary school in Africa) I thought I might as well share what I'm taking! I'm also trying to write blog posts which coincide with what I'm up to as I'm so busy at the moment to just do random posts. 

A little bit of info on what I'm taking... it's going to be hot, really hot (yay!) but as we're visiting a school and local villages we must be respectful and wear nothing above the knee or shoulder-revealing. We're washing our clothes out there, hence why I'm not taking loads of bits, and our clothes have to be carried through as hand luggage so I've really had to ration myself!


PJ Bottoms (to be worn as trousers, get me!) - New Look
Bikini Top - New Look
Bikini Bottoms - New Look
Grey Round Neck T Shirt - Primark
White Round Neck T Shirt - Primark
White Oversized Top - New Look
Blue Oversized T…

Gambia - The Beauty Bits

OK so I know I'm going to The Gambia to volunteer in a school and that this really doesn't matter, but this is a blog where I do talk about all things beauty so I thought it best to keep you guys happy!

Balance Me Pure Skin Face Wash  (freebie with Glamour magazine) Vaseline Aloe Vera Crest Toothpaste Neutrogena Concentrated Hand Cream Soap&Glory Hand Maid  Bourjois 1 Second Waterproof Clarins Instant Concealer Real Techniques Pointed Foundation Brush Sure Deodorant Tesco Insect Repellent  Wilinson Razor Cath Kidston Pencil Case  (used as a toothbrush case) Nivea Factor 50 Primark Face Cloth
What other beauty bits would you take?

Life Update #5

It's time to check in with you all again and do another life update...

I am going to The Gambia very, very, very soon so I've been rush buying everything I'll need and packing like a crazy woman! I was planning on doing a post on what I'm going to be taking with me, and maybe it can also be a haul kind of post. 

Blogging Blues
I won't whine on about this too much, read more here, but I just wanted to say sorry guys! The content hasn't been up to much lately and I'm going to try and change that...sorry!

Bourjois 1 Second Volume
I picked up this mascara the other day and I've got to say it's not half bad. Already I've had a few compliments on how my eyelashes are so long, thick and bold! I got the waterproof version and it lasts all day without any smudging under the eyes, and bonus, it's not that much more difficult to remove at night!

Blogging Blues

If you're looking for a happy, light hearted post then this one probably isn't the post for you. Lately I've been really struggling with writing, it doesn't matter what I write it never seems to sound right or be original.

Blogging is a really difficult thing to do, especially when you're as new to the community as I am. There are already millions of blogs out there, all to contend with, and that means you're blog has to be original enough for someone to follow you...but how can you be original when there are so many people that are all doing the same thing? 

It's really difficult sometimes as I know what direction I want to take this blog in but I haven't had the time lately. I also find that the posts I do write are rubbish, something is never right, the words, photos or content. It's frustrating because in my head all I keep thinking is "there are other blogs people would rather read, why would they look at mine?".

I want to do more fashio…

My Favourite Blog Posts

For today's post I thought I would just link up some of my all time favourite blog posts, quick, easy and hopefully interesting!

Reasons to love being a girl - Alice's Antics
Reasons you know you're an adult - Hannah Gale
The tale of me and Mac lipsticks - ViviannaDoesMakeup
Money and me - MissBudgetBeauty
The blogger pay debate - BritishBeautyBlogger  (great practical advice for newbie blogs)
So there you are, some of my all time favourite blog posts. I'm not going to lie, there's a couple in there that I've read several times! What are your favourite posts?

Why I'm In Love With Asos

The virtual shelves of Asos have been perused a lot lately by me, it's become an addiction. They have all types of clothes all year round which is so useful, you have no idea how difficult it was to find a new bikini for my trip to The Gambia! I recently signed up to Asos Premium which ensures free, unlimited next day delivery along with returns collection for a whole year, and the best bit, it's just £10! The variety of items, along with the inexpensive cost of them makes it an amazing site no matter what you want.
I also tried the personal stylist option they offer to get some advice for a summer ball I have coming up. It was really great, my stylist listened to what I wanted, gave suggestions and then picked out items according to what it was I exactly wanted. It was a great chance to ask to be a little daring, and what I got back was slightly scary but strangely exciting, I might just become a bit more daring in the wardrobe department (or not!). The items picked for me are…

Summer Wardrobe Wants

Although it's still winter the shops have all released their Summer bits which makes me realise the holes in my wardrobe (let's ignore the fact that the wardrobe is actually jam packed, I'm missing a few staple pieces!). I've also been in the Summer shopping mood as I've been getting bits together for my trip to The Gambia I've got coming up very soon!