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A General Update

Lately I haven't been writing on the blog because I've really struggled to find any sort of inspiration. I have found myself comparing this blog to other, more successful blogs and therefore it's left me pretty disheartened. I've also been having complete writer's block, this post alone has taken a week to write. Getting words onto the page is really difficult and they never sound quite right and therefore I've left the writing. I'm really busy at the moment so I'm going to take another few days to just have a break and from then I'm away on holiday for a couple of weeks so I'm going to just try and work out what I'm doing with the blog. Until I'm back, have a wonderful couple of weeks!

Wishlist // Red Lipsticks

I absolutely love Mac's Ruby Woo but I've come to realise that it maybe isn't best suited to me. After a little bit of googling, this blog post and the sunshine making an appearance (which immediately makes me what to try ALL the colourful lippies!) I've decided that an orange toned red would suit me because of my green eyes. These are the ones that are on my radar...

Mac Morange - So this one (all mac lipsticks are here) is pretty much as orange a red as you can go. I have heard great things about it and therefore I'd love to try it, I do think though that with it being orange it might be a little bit too daring at the moment for me.

Mac Lady Danger - This is the cult favourite orange toned red and it looks perfect. The only thing is that if it turns out I don't like it or don't often wear it, it's a lot of money that's been wasted.

Illamasqua Soaked - This is the one that Hannah Gale herself loves and therefore it's pretty high up on the list. It…