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The Uni Process Pt.2

I did mention that I wanted to keep you all updated on my university application process so here's the next installment! Over the past month or so I've visited two unis, begun drafting a personal statement and gotten my results! If you missed the first post then check it out here.

Open Days I did say in the last post that I was planning open days, at the moment I've only been to two but there's one more coming up in September. I visited LSE (London School of Economics and Political Sciences) and the University of Sheffield. It was really interesting to see them for real, there's only so much you can learn from online. I think that these two unis are completely different (at least I found they were!) in terms of the general feel of the area and the university. I found that by asking the same questions on both days I kind of created some points for comparison (the contact time, student ratings, employment opportunities and type or cost of accommodation are a few you mi…

I'm Back!

I'm back! It feels so nice to be back, writing on the laptop and just thinking about blogging bits. There are so many reasons why I started a blog and in order to get through my writer's block I had to just take time to get into that mindset and revisit my head-space at the end of last year. I know that blogging js never going to be without it's challenges, and I know that it isn't going to be easy to continue posting but I finally feel like I'm in a position where I'm ready to commit again. Before my break I was churning out posts, with little effort or thought, just so that I could make the deadline I had set on myself. For the moment I'm going to try and just do one post a week, but put my heart and soul into that one post. Another issue that I'm still struggling with is the direction and theme of the blog. At the moment I think I'm going to do more lifestyle and travel bits, but there will always be a beauty/fashion edge because it's somethi…