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Buying my Macbook...

So yep it's finally happening. I'm going to be buying my macbook in about an hour and I'm so freaking excited I think I might burst. It was about a year ago that I decided I wanted one, because my laptop is pretty bad (not going to lie but I feel like I'm about to cheat on it, I'm slagging it off whilst writing on it!) and it's just so pretty and such a good investment and ahhhhhhhhh!!!!!!! I have spent so long counting the pennies, scrimping on makeup, walking away from Costa (apart from the occasional times when it's cold, and I've had a bad day cause a girl's gotta get her happiness from somewhere). But after a whole year, and a trip to the bank that made me realise I have more money than I thought, it's about to happen.

I am a little worried student discount card runs out tomorrow so I hope I don't lose the major money off offer, and I changed the macbook I wanted a week ago, I have changed my mind so much so I just went back to the original one I wanted, so I'm terrified I won't have checked something. Is it odd that I also feel like I'm a new parent? As I await the delivery of the laptop I'm making sure all is ready and prepared for my "baby" to come home, insurance, check, case to keep it shiny and new, check, office so I can do school work, check.

Today I think that I pulled my back a bit from carrying round so much work so I'm scared that by going for the heaviest macbook the twinges will continue. The thing is that it's going to be replacing a whole kilo of paper (yep, I weighed it, and even though you didn't ask, my bag weighs over 5 kilos! ouch.). 

I'm hoping to do a little un-boxing post along with a review in a little while. I really need to stop being so materialistic and excited over this but I never thought I'd be able to save up money, let alone enough for this. With age comes wisdom and a love of saving...I think......


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