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06.06.17 // The Cows by Dawn O'Porter

I absolutely adore Dawn's style of writing in her column for Glamour magazine, so I was naturally intrigued as to how her first novel would be. It's worth mentioning that the writer, journalist and presenter has written other non-fiction books aimed at young adults, with her novel 'Paper Aeroplanes' being extremely well received. 

'The Cows' follows the lives of three very different women as they both judge one another, and themselves, and examines the pressures faced by women within society from family, friends and the media. The premise for it doesn't seem exactly groundbreaking, but the characters seem to be so real in that none of them are perfect, and there are aspects of them all that make you despise them. Generally though, the story is gripping as you follow the surprising twists and turns that pop up through each character's storyline. 

I found that this book was definitely a page turner, I was always wondering what was going to happen next and how things would turn out for Tara, Cam and Stella. I also feel that there was such a sense of originality with this novel, as there were topics that were tackled that probably wouldn't feature in your run-of-the-mill chick-lit book. There was a large focus on what it means to be a woman nowadays, especially one in the public eye, and the modern role of women, feminism and women's choice. 

I'm hoping that pretty soon Dawn will release more books as I absolutely love the style of her writing and this book...would recommend! It's available to buy from here


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