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21.06.18 // Berlin City Guide

Berlin was pretty high up on all of our lists when deciding which European city me and my two friends wanted to visit this Summer for a few days. It's somewhere I've always wanted to visit, especially as I'd studied it so much in GCSE and A-Level history, so I was so interested to actually go there myself. 

We flew out on the Monday morning from Manchester to Berlin Schönefeld airport and then flew back on the Thursday afternoon, and the flights were around £30 each way with Ryanair. In terms of where we stayed, we booked an Airbnb which we had a few issues with but it was about £60 a night in total for the three of us, and there looked to be a lot of similar places around that budget available for the time we went. We stayed on a street called Reuterstraße, which is in the south of Berlin and was about a 5 minute walk from the U-Bahn station Rathaus Neukölln. 

Berlin is quite spread out in comparison to other European cities, and therefore using the underground (or U-Bahn) …
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02.12.17 // Vienna

Vienna is one of those places that I've always wanted to visit, so when my friend moved there for her year abroad, it offered the perfect opportunity to go. Usually I would rather visit cities in the Summer, as I much prefer exploring places when the weather is nice, but as Vienna is well known for its Christmas markets I ended up going in late November. I'm not much of a festive person normally, but being somewhere so cold really got me into the Christmas spirit. 

It's such a beautiful city, and there is so much to see, but being there for 3 days was the perfect length as I felt like I saw all that I really wanted to and didn't miss out on too much. 
Obviously Christmas markets were top of the agenda, but we also managed to do a bit of shopping along Mariahilfer Strasse (and checked out all the shops that you struggle to find in the UK) and a bit of culture (in the form of the imperial apartments and Sissi Museum in the Hofburg). I also ended up flying out with a few fa…

09.07.17 // My First Year Uni Room

It took me quite a while to really settle into my room at uni and make it homely, which probably explains why I'm doing this post at the end of the year! I had an en suite room in halls which I've totally grown to love, there's something so exciting about being able to start a room completely afresh and make it your own. I thought I'd share some pics of the how my room was, partly for my own memories but also potentially as inspiration for any of you heading to halls. As you can probably tell fairy lights and pictures proved to be firm favourites as I found both really good at brightening up the room with colour and lighting, and they were both quite comforting to be surrounded by!
And just for contrast, this is how it is empty: I also think I want to do before and after pictures of my new bedroom, for the same reasons as I've done this post so hopefully that will be coming very soon!

26.06.17 // Paris

I'd already been to Paris about 5 years ago on a school trip, and I didn't really love it at the time, so it seems surprising that I decided to head back there for a few days! When I went last time the weather was horrendous, and as it was a school trip it seemed to be a whistlestop tour of all the major tourist attractions and I didn't really get a feel for the city. So when it came to deciding which city me and my friend Megan would visit when we went away this Summer for a little break, I was desperate to give Paris another shot.

Megan hadn't been before, so we did do a lot of the major attractions anyway but I loved the flexibility that we had of just being able to wander round and explore. There are so many little Parisienne streets, full of gorgeous cafés and shops and it was so lovely to get to take our time just seeing what the city had to offer. We went for about 5 days, so slightly longer than the typical "city break" length, but we found that was th…

12.06.17 // Margate

Many people think of Margate's heyday as the popular seaside resort whenever it's mentioned, but to us locals it's been pretty dead for such a long time. For a few years there has been a great deal of investment in the town so I figured while I was back home it was as  good a time as any to go exploring and see what it had to offer. 

I'm not going to lie but I was extremely surprised by the number of independent restaurants and cafes that were on offer...we ate at a place called GB Pizza which was actually really good! There are so many cute little shops as well as vintage shops, so it's really good to just wander about. There's also the Turner Contemporary gallery which is quite nice to just have a look at (although I got so confused by the pieces that were currently on exhibit as they seemed pretty abstract!). It's also worth mentioning the beach and the amusement park Dreamland, which both have their obvious plus points! 

If you're in the area I'd …

06.06.17 // The Cows by Dawn O'Porter

I absolutely adore Dawn's style of writing in her column for Glamour magazine, so I was naturally intrigued as to how her first novel would be. It's worth mentioning that the writer, journalist and presenter has written other non-fiction books aimed at young adults, with her novel 'Paper Aeroplanes' being extremely well received. 

'The Cows' follows the lives of three very different women as they both judge one another, and themselves, and examines the pressures faced by women within society from family, friends and the media. The premise for it doesn't seem exactly groundbreaking, but the characters seem to be so real in that none of them are perfect, and there are aspects of them all that make you despise them. Generally though, the story is gripping as you follow the surprising twists and turns that pop up through each character's storyline. 

I found that this book was definitely a page turner, I was always wondering what was going to happen next and h…

09.05.17 // York

With so many cities so close to me in Sheffield, I feel like it’s about time that I actually get exploring and visiting all these places that I’ve never been to. A couple of weeks ago, a couple of friends and I decided to head over to York for the day seeing as we’d never been before and the train was only about £15 return. 

Had we been a little more prepared, we would have actually done lots of research into where to go and what to do, but the funny thing was that we still found loads to explore and had such a lovely day. I would definitely say that York is one of those places where you can kill hours by simply wandering about, seeing all the little shops and coffee shops. 
We were so lucky that we visited on such a warm and sunny day, and the city really did look stunning with all the blossom around. Within minutes of arriving, I’d already fallen in love and was planning my next visit!
Whether it be for a mooch around sweet little shops, the old buildings or the numerous inviting coffe…