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My Mac Quad

Mac eyeshadows have always been a lust item, they're expensive for what they are but after buying loads of dupes I realised it was probably best if I just saved up and got the real deal. I'm a fan of anything that can be personalised and the idea that you can tailor a palette to your needs and likes is one reason I love Mac shadows.In the quad I have (from L-R) Naked Lunch, Haux, Patina and Antiqued. 

Naked Lunch is probably my least used shade as it is so light that it only gives a faint tint of colour. It's very pretty though and I love it for a slight wash of colour on no makeup days just to brighten up my eyes. 
Haux is probably my most used shade. It's a very pretty lilac toned taupe that looks beautiful all over the lid and blended out or used in the crease with any of the other shades as "the main attraction"! This is probably the easiest shade for eyeshadow noobs as if you blend it all over the eyelid and slightly along the lower lash line it looks like…

A Little Haul #1

So yep, I did this post and then I went shopping...and some things might have landed in my basket and I might just have bought them! 

I was kindly given an H&M voucher (along with a New Look one I've yet to spend) for Christmas so I used it on these two items. I've been looking at this tight jersey skirt for school for a while so I just decided to bite the bullet and get it in black. Then there was this top which has a slight peplum detail and 3/4 length sleeves, again I thought it would be perfect for school so I just went for it!
I had heard so much about Mac's Patina (from Lily Pebbles mainly) so when I was looking for a pretty everyday shadow to complete my quad this one was the first I tested. It's a really pretty grey with a light gold tinge which just looks stunning. I also wanted a brown that I could fill in my brows with or use in the crease and so I was recommended Charcoal Brown. It's a plain ashy toned matte brown which is a great match for my brows. 

The Product Review // GHD IV Straighteners

Now you might remember these GHDs were one of my Christmas presents as I shared them here but after a while of trying and playing around with them I thought it was time I shared my thoughts. 

I opted for the IV edition just because I'd heard the classic ones were the best as there is no special treatment in the plates (unlike the V edition) so the straighteners are able to actually grip onto the hair. They are an investment piece costing around the £100 pound mark and from other reviews I've read they will typically last around 5 years, after which point you'll notice they don't work as well. 

I really love them, they are simple, really easy to use and leave your hair straight for a few days. My hair is really thick so the only way I can get any styling tool to work is by segmenting of the hair and doing it layer by layer. It's a pretty timely process to get my hair poker straight, it takes around 15-20 minutes, but in 5 minutes I can get my hair looking a lot straig…

The Go-To Natural Lip

If ever I don't want to have much on my lips I always reach for Mac's Peach Blossom. It's the perfect my lips but better shade which has got just the right amount of pink and peachiness to it! The finish also makes it easy to apply and leaves your lips with a slight balmy texture which is perfect for on the go. A true staple in my makeup collection...

The Saving Spree

This year I've decided that there is something that I am going to save up for, a big utterly frivolous purchase that I've been lusting after and looking at for too long now! I mentioned in this post how I was meant to be saving to get a new laptop and I think I'm going to start seriously saving up for it. As part of the spending ban I'm going to enforce upon myself I'm going to be limiting myself to just one clothing, makeup and magazine/book purchase each month and then cutting out all of the unnecessary purchases as well. Planning this saving spree is strangely liberating...we'll see if I follow through with it though!

The Trip - The Gambia

I've been meaning to talk about this trip for such a long time as it's going to be amazing! This year I'll be fortunate enough to travel to The Gambia with a group from my school. We'll be visiting a school out there to teach and learn all about the Gambian culture and what life is like out there. 

The school we'll be visiting will be very basic, there are limited teaching resources and the topics taught will mainly be relevant to The Gambia. For us, as a group of twelve 16-17 year olds, it will be a big challenge. For example there will be a class of 40 pupils, all excited for our visit and eager to learn so I have a feeling class control will be thrown out of the window!

I am looking forward to it lots though. Teaching is something I've been looking at doing as a career for such a long time now so the chance to teach in such challenging circumstances will be a massive learning curve, and to be honest it will probably make or break my teaching career idea! 


The Eyeshadow Primer

I used to think that eyelid primers were a fad, a waste of money and something you really didn't need. I then started thinking about it and realised that there was actually no point in investing in an expensive set of shadows (I'm looking at you Mac and Urban Decay!) when they fade after just two hours. Since picking up the Nars Smudge Proof Eyeshadow Base I've worn it every single day without fail. It's a basic product, with no colour or pointless special powers but oh my this is good. It works like magic keeping my eyeshadow in place all day long come rain or shine...

Recent TV Loves

Lately it seems to be that TV is killing it, there are quite a few bits that I've been loving...

Catastrophe This show just seems to have something different about it. Yes it's another comedy but it seems just a little more real as the characters don't have ridiculous traits or habits. For me this is probably the best out of my recent TV obsessions, I totally recommend it!
Death In Paradise OK so this isn't that realistic, the characters are sweet and the setting amazing but some of the murders seem a little far-fetched. Nevertheless I've been loving the whole whodunit of this show...
Bluestone 42 This. Is. Hilarious. I loved this show when the first 2 series' came out a while back but now they've been repeating them and I've fallen in love all over again. As they've been repeating them I'm hoping it's a sign there's a new series coming (fingers crossed!).

For a proper TV/film critic perspective check out my friend Marianna's blog here, she…

Life Update #4

It feels like forever since I did the last life update so here's what I've been up to lately...

I think we all have points in our lives when organisation just seems to be where it's at, this is one of them. With exam season starting soon I thought it was about time that I got all of my notes in order ready for the revision. One evening I just decided to get on with it, and 4 hours later I emerged strangely relaxed. I highly recommend a browse round WHSmiths or Paperchase, there's something about new stationary, eh?

I've always been a fan of a dark red nail and over the past couple of months I've found myself reaching for Nails Inc's Victoria. Darn it's good... it just seems to last when no others do. I always get tons of complements when I wear it, so for the moment it's a keeper!

Clear Out
On the theme of organising I've been clearing out my makeup draws which in turn has made me realise I have been disappointed by A LOT of produc…

Disappointing Products #1

With makeup and skincare it's inevitable that you won't get on with every product you try. These are the ones that I didn't like:

The brush on Benefit Bad Gal Lash is so big that it makes application really difficult, it's enormous and is too big to cover every lash. The formula is alright, it leaves your lashes with a nice flutter, but the formula isn't voluminous enough to match up to the name.

The whole colour correction trend is such a great idea, that's why I tried out Natural Collection's green coloured correcter stick, but it left my skin with a slight green tinge and when I used foundation over the top it just looked cakey.

The Rimmel Instant Radiance Shimmer Touch in the shade Radiant Rose is supposed to be a highlighter but it has too much pink colour in it to work, and as a blush there is far too much glitter. Generally just a fail of a product.

I used to use MUA clear mascara as a brow gel but it does nothing. It leaves your brows/lashes wet and whe…