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My Blogging Tips

Following on from yesterday's post, I thought that I'd do yet another blogging advice post. I always like to read up on different bloggers' tips as they are often really useful, and although I may not be a big and established blogger yet I do feel like I'm writing from an angle few popular blogs have, a fairly new writer with a new-ish blog. Here are my tips to all you fellow creators out there:

Be creative and adventurous - having a blog gives you the chance to be try a variety of different ideas out, the only way you'll find your blogging niche is if you try different things and see what worksBe in it for the right reasons - blogging isn't a get rich quick thing, it's not even a money earner for many people, with time and effort it may earn you money but in the meantime do it because you love it.Take your time - sometimes posts are quick, short and not planned and that can sometimes work really well, but try to spend a lot of time on posts. Ensure there ar…

Useful Links for Wannabe Bloggers

I thought that following the blog posts that I've done here and here, it might be a good idea to share a few more blogging tips. Being a fairly new blogger I don't have that many tips so I thought I'd share the links to the posts that I've found very useful on my blogging journey. Here they are:
Tips for a Professional Blog Blogging for Business Budget Blog Templates Blogging on the Go
General  Blogging Pointers
A Really Useful Guide to Lifestyle Blogging
Lots of Different Blogging Tips
Fashion Photography Tips
Blogging Kit Tips
How to Start a Beauty Blog

I hope that these all help you as much as they have me. Please let me know of any tips you've found useful as I'd love to keep this page updated for any newbie bloggers in the future!

The Review // ModelCo Mascara

Now ModelCo isn't a brand that I've heard of before so when I picked up July's Glamour mag I wasn't particularly interested in the free gift. I'm not going to lie, this mascara was a massive surprise, a good gift with purchase, what! This mascara is absolutely amazing. A wet formula. Check. A brush that isn't enormous. Check. And a really natural but buildable look. Check! It is worth mentioning that I have found this is a pretty good dupe for Clinique's High Impact mascara which is one of my all time favourites (although it turns out the two are basically the same price, this one doesn't have as much fall down!). I think that if the first product that I've tried from this brand is such a hit, then the rest must be pretty darn brilliant too. Check it out here.

Chatty Catch Up

Ok so I know that there aren't any photos to go with this post, a pretty poor performance considering I recently did a whole post on blog photography! Sometimes bloggers have technical issues, like me at the moment. And there is honestly nothing more frustrating that not being able to just do what you want. Right now I'm sat next to my computer which has been *
"correcting the fault" for half an hour now. It's fair to assume it's not really being corrected. 

After the last bout of computer failings I had great things planned for the blog, so many exciting and fun things were going to pop up but now I'm back to square one again. I don't want this to be a post about my failings at saving for a computer that would most definitely not leave me in this situation but it is a good thing, now it's all about the words, no fancy photography skills or links to groovy sites.
Something very exciting is happening in the coming days, I'm getting my hair chopped…

Current Lust List

It's been a little while since I did my last lust list post so I thought I'd fill you in on what I will probably end up spending my money on!

Denim Skirt - £19.99 - here Slip On Flats - £20 - here Macbook Pro 13" - from £899 - here Travel Wallet - £25 - here Black Playsuit - £22 - here Canon 700D - £419 - here Benefit Push Up Liner - £18.50 - here Illamasqua Soaked - £10 - here Makeup Revolution Matte Rush - £5 - here
So there you are, what are the items on your wishlist?

The Review // Simple Moisture Cream

This product is one of my all time favourites, I've pretty much repurchased it for a year and a half consistently. I have extremely sensitive skin which burns really easily. I do like to invest in skincare but if there's a cheaper product that does the job just as well then I prefer to just go for that one instead. I have yet to find a moisturiser which has an SPF of at least 30, for a price as low as this. The main issue that I find with sunscreen is that often it clogs my pores or it just sits really funnily on my skin making makeup application nearly impossible. This one sinks in really quickly and seems to cause no skin problems. I really recommend giving this one a go, you can buy it here.

New Year's Resolutions Catch Up

Seeing as it's June, I've had 6 months to work on my resolutions so I was thinking the other day about how well I've actually done. I thought I'd share, seeing as I did share the resolutions with you way back in January.

The first one was to clean my makeup brushes more frequently, and to be honest I haven't really done that. I've been using my fingers to apply makeup more and therefore it's not too bad is it?

The second was to organise myself more, and that is one I've done a really good job of. At the moment I'm planning things a couple of months in advance, I know where I need to be, when I need to be there and what I'm supposed to be doing. It's a lot easier being in control of everything, I'm not reliant upon others and I find that I stress a lot less. 

So the plan to be healthier didn't really work out too well, I knew it wouldn't. In hindsight it wasn't really a logical goal, I don't really enjoy sport and I absolutel…

Blog Photo Ideas

Now that's an awful title, I can't think of anything more interesting to explain this post though! Taking blog photos is a tricky task, there's so much to consider. A lot of people think that taking photos of beauty products is the easiest thing you could do but when you have to consider the lighting, the focus, the shadows and the reflections it can actually become a very complicated process! 
In terms of background settings, I have yet to find the need to invest in a plastic sheet or professional background. One of my favourites is to use white paper, a couple of sheets is all you need for an opaque and simple background. Another is to use the ground. I really like to take photos outside because of the great lighting at this time of year, and with the outdoors comes a variety of options. I like to use things such as the grass or paving slabs just because they give a really nice texture as a setting for the focus of the photo. 

Next we have background items, things that bul…

The Review // Mac Patisserie

I bought this item a while ago as it's a blogger favourite and the hype just forced me to do it! In all seriousness, though, it's a really lovely lipstick. It's extremely creamy and as it's only a little pinker than my natural lip colour it's the perfect everyday shade. The only thing that I'm not that big a fan of is the glitter in it, it's undetectable on the lips but sometimes it does feel a little gritty. I know this is something that a lot of people that don't like but apart from that it's a beautiful lipstick that's worth a swatch next time you're in store, or buy it here.

Weekly Catch Up

I finished my exams this week which was really great, now I can just get back into preparing for the next lot of exams next year! It's been a really strange time as I've had no routine and every single day has been different which is equally refreshing and exhausting. 

I posted the other day about my blogging break, basically my computer just broke so blogging was extremely impossible. Now it's fixed, I should be able to go back to my previous posting schedule, every Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday and Sunday. By taking time off I thought I'd be left really inspired but in truth I'm not. I am excited to post as it's something I do love doing and it's a really productive way to spend free time. I'm planning on giving the blog a really big overhaul in the next couple of months and change a few bits about but I'm curious as to what you think? I would love to hear any post ideas or features you'd love to see on here so just let me know.
In the meantime I …